The Next Wave

 For the past five years we have been working on developing a cruise blog that tells the stories of human connection, embraces the beauty of nature throughout the world, and enlightens people about the rich history and cultures that make humanity so unique. Today, the next generation of I’M A PRINCESS takes the spotlight as we prepare to propel the organization to new heights.

The Culmination
of 5 Years of Work

Since the creation of I’M A PRINCESS we have dreamed of creating a harmonious experience for users to discover all that cruising around the world has to offer: connecting with people, discovering your unique self, and falling in love with the world. Since 2012 we have worked to fulfill that dream and five years later we have come closer and closer to achieving that dream. Learning how to code HTML, creating a brand, designing a next-generation website, marketing with social media, and more are some of the 100+ ways we have worked to improve I’M A PRINCESS for the modern world.


A Next-Generation Cruise Blog

I’M A PRINCESS was designed with ambitious goals in mind, working to become a recognized blog in countries around the world. Since launch I’M A PRINCESS has expanded into Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, & more. I’M A PRINCESS has also made strides in creating a relationship with Princess Cruises and its offices around the world. With the next-generation I’M A PRINCESS we plan to reach audiences even further, deepen our roots in the United States, and amplify our message in the cruising industry.

More Content Than Ever Before

I’M A PRINCESS was built upon the unique perspective of one boy’s lifetime spent cruising around the world. The new I’M A PRINCESS takes all that made the original I’M A PRINCESS successful and expands the diverse content exponentially. With new content categories, new types of media, and more, we want to give users the best possible experience with I’M A PRINCESS. 


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Beta Program

We have been constantly evolving I’M A PRINCESS since 2013 and beginning this fall we will be taking the next step in an ever-improving cruise blog. While we are already making drastic changes and enhancements to our structure and website we will have a public beta program with a sneak peek at our new website and redesigned content. 

introducing the

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