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Telling A Unique Story

I’M A PRINCESS is a blog read by people around the world about the story of one boy growing up with Princess Cruises and traveling around the world. Since 2003 at the age of three Danny Diaz has seen the world at such a young age and experienced the empowerment of travel.

Now at the age of seventeen he shares the thousands of stories and memories that he has cultivated through the years and shares his most recent travels with tips and guides for new (and sometimes experienced) cruisers. Even though he is still a kid and relives his childhood adventures while cruising he looks forward to his future and works toward a future career with Princess Cruises.

Destinations That Inspire

We believe that travel can empower people. There is a profound and enduring beauty that people experience when they travel. The mind races, eyes wander, heart pounds, all in awe of the world. The human race has always been like that, curious of the furthest corners of the Earth.

Princess Cruises has worked to make this wonder into a modern day marvel. With onboard activities that enrich the lives of passengers, partnerships like Discovery@Sea and Local Connections, and excursions that immerse passengers in the culture of every destination Princess sails to. That’s what makes travel so special, and why Princess is really the best way to see the world.

Beyond the Horizon

We have always been eager and curious about everything Princess Cruises related. Since 2016 we have expanded into other areas such as how cruising can keep a family together, the latest news of the company, and having fun and games with quizzes about Princess. All three of these topics are extensions of the blog and keep even the most cruised passengers up-to-date on everything Princess.