Everything To Do On A Sea Day

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Being out on the ocean, with nothing around you but water and (hopefully) sunshine, you feel so far from the everyday and close to nature. Sea days are some of my favorite days on a cruise; not because excursions are boring, but because the ocean is its own port, with its own experience. You may be on a ship all day with over 2,000 other people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at sea! These are some of the best things to do to have a great day at sea:

#1: Indulge in The Morning

Nothing is better then starting the day off right with relaxation. Whether sleeping in and taking the morning slow with room service and a view or getting up before everyone else and hitting the top deck for a run, a good morning makes for a good day. Personally, I wake up at 5:30am for school at 6:30am so “sleeping in” is only up until 8:30am when I’m officially awake. Regardless of rain or shine I’m out on my balcony, looking out at the ocean and the waves that flow like glass alongside the ship. Of course though, no one can start their day without a cup of coffee, me being 17, I’m more of an orange juice with croissants kind of guy. After that, take a shower, get dressed, put a hat on and let’s explore.

#2: Pit Stop At the International Cafe

Perhaps the best part about the morning is going down to the quiet Piazza in the morning with a deck of cards a world of pastries to go around. A great way to transition from stumbling out of our cabin to preparing for an adventurous day! It allows people like my parents for another chance at coffee and me as a teenager to turn grunts into actual words when talking (If you have kids you know what I mean).

#3: “Run Like A Ship”

Ok, now that we’re both awake, time for some fresh air. For people like me that live near the ocean, we can’t help but to fall in love with it. The ocean is part of our lives, making up 71% of the Earth and is a very beautiful thing. Walking around, and just standing at the rail makes the experience of a sea day so much better.

#4: To the Top Deck We Go

Now, energized and ready to go, it’s time to hit the top deck. Mini golf, movies with a view, pizza galore, and sunshine to bask and glow in. This is how I spend my sea day. Full of activities and duly needed rest. Traditions like going mini golfing or seeing how many strawberry smoothies I can pack into my day make the day even more exciting.

#5: An Evening of Grace

An evening at sea is a magical night. Formal or smart casual, dining room or specialty dining, a night at sea brings a certain charm to the ship. Dinner while watching the sunset is one of the best parts about cruising. The ocean sets the tone and and enhances the experience. After dinner, a walk on the Promenade or top deck to look at the stars, enjoy a broadway show, or take a night to mingle.

Sea days are days unlike any other on a cruise, full of adventure and relaxation. In my opinion, a perfect day at sea involves doing all of this. And just maybe, it too could be your tradition like it is mine, to experience the world with such respect and care on a Princess cruise.

Danny Diaz

Danny Diaz

Hi, I'm Danny! I have been cruising with Princess Cruises for over sixteen years and have grown up cruising around the world since I was three years old. My favorite destination is the British Isles and my favorite ship is Regal Princess! When I'm onboard a ship you'll often find me on a balcony watching the day go by and enjoying the sweet ocean breeze.

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