Imagination At Sea

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I have always been a creative person. From the day I started kindergarten and now as a junior in high school I have always enjoyed creative projects that let me take on my own perspective and imagination. That is the same for cruising. From when I was two, to now as I am seventeen I have always looked out the balcony in a different way, watched the lights in the dining room dazzle a little louder, and stand captivated, thinking of myself in the same situation, just a little younger.

Looking out on the ocean was looking out at the most peaceful and secluded part of the world. With a high amount if imagination I though of many things. Looking straight down and watching us fly ten stories about the ocean, seeing the near-clear Caribbean water and thinking of the army of fish swimming wth us, or cruising through the Pacific and imagining a humpback whale swiftly swimming with us.

“The ocean is a port on its own, and there are so many Things To Do on A Sea Day.”

Inside the ship, I have never felt so captivated by the interior design and small features that sometime go unnoticed. Many people don’t know this, but when Princess designs its ships, the ceiling is just as important as any other part of the ship. Just look up, even the crown molding has crown molding! Especially in the dining room, where lights dazzle while enjoying some of the finest food at sea. Or as a child, I looked at it in a perspective From Alphabet Soup to Filet Mignon. I always thought of those lights as twinkling stars or fireworks. They always entertained me, considering I wasn’t initially used to a full three-course dinner as a child and desperately needed entertainment as a five year old.

Perhaps my imagination is at its grandest when I’m looking back instead of forward. As I continue to transition to becoming a full adult, (The age of 18 in the U.S.) in less than nine months I realize more and more of doing things as a child onboard. Playing in the Princess Pelicans is now passed by for REMIX, the shuffleboard on the Promenade is now just a walkway instead of a game for me, and I grin as I walk by the library thinking about all those days Learning At Sea… Ah I do miss the simpler times.

“Walking around the ship, or even in the cabin, I am constantly reminded of myself when I was younger. It’s something I will never forget as I grow older.”

My imagination has only been further influenced by cruising. Everyday I dream and imagine what a life would be like at sea, what being a student at sea would be like, and what working for a company that takes perfecting a vacation personally. Luckily that influence of imagination has extended on the internet too.

Danny Diaz

Danny Diaz

Hi, I'm Danny! I have been cruising with Princess Cruises for over sixteen years and have grown up cruising around the world since I was three years old. My favorite destination is the British Isles and my favorite ship is Regal Princess! When I'm onboard a ship you'll often find me on a balcony watching the day go by and enjoying the sweet ocean breeze.

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