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Our Story

Created in July 2015, I’M A PRINCESS was developed as a small blog to highlight Danny’s childhood spent growing up and cruising around the world with Princess Cruises. Danny started his stories from his earliest memories from when he started cruising at the age of three and has since shared and grown further at the age of eighteen.

His stories and adventures ranged from small laughs to the biggest moments of his life and took place between as west as Hawaii and as far east as Rome. He looked at the world with an open mind when he was young which lead him to think of a deeper meaning for traveling the world. Danny never wanted to think of traveling as a vacation, rather an extension of the human spirit to explore the unknown and travel the world to experience other cultures and meet new people with different perspectives.

In 2016 I’M A PRINCESS came into the spotlight for readers around the world, including Princess Cruises employees. Princess employees from Santa Clarita, California to Southampton, England started finding the story of one boy to be conspicuous and began sharing his stories and in 2017 connecting with Danny.

His continued support from Princess employees, as well as his determination to one day start a career with the company have inspired Danny to keep working on I’M A PRINCESS and keep achieving higher and higher accomplishments. Today, I’M A PRINCESS is a blog about Danny’s childhood, the hundreds of adventures he has had in ports around the globe, cruise tips, and more.

He has believed since he was three and still does at age eighteen, that travel can enlighten and educate people. He has kept working on his blog and continues to enlighten people about Princess Cruises and the world itself with all of its wonders. Danny still cruises around the world and looks forward to an adventurous life and enriching himself in new places in the world.

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