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Danny Diaz


Danny was born on August 24, 1999 on a summer day in Los Angeles, California, USA and has resided in the Southern California area for almost his entire life. He has lived most his life in the City of Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles, and a few miles away from Princess Cruises’ international headquarters.

It was not until April 2003 when Danny took his first cruise with Princess Cruises on Star Princess to the Mexican Riviera. Although at just the age of three years old, Danny easily fell in love with the cruise line and the deep sense of wonder that was traveling. 

Fast-forward fifteen years now, Danny has been captivated by Princess Cruises. Everything from the onboard experience to the corporate world that made it all happen, he is passionate about the cruise line and relishes the memories he has made with them. He has been on 25 cruises around the world to various destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, British Isles, Mediterranean, New England, and much more. 

From an early age Danny wanted to work for Princess Cruises. For about ten years he dreamed of working every position from Captain to Mailroom, but ended up solidifying his dream working in Digital Marketing shoreside at Princess Cruises’ Santa Clarita, California offices. He set his mind to see it that one day, just one day, he would be able to make his dream come true.   

For all that he dreamed about Princess, he wanted to do something to tell the company just how much he loved Princess Cruises. In March 2013 he came up with an idea to create a cruise blog, and he named it “I’M A PRINCESS”. Nearly three years later, in 2015, “I’M A PRINCESS” became a real thing, and Princess Cruises loved it. Employees from offices around the world read Danny’s stories and they enjoyed the unique perspective and cruisers alike tuned in every Friday for a new story. 

The feedback from the original version of I’M A PRINCESS was so astounding that in 2016 Danny began working on an entirely new version of I’M A PRINCESS, with more than triple the content and double the readership capacity. Two years later and I’M A PRINCESS has become more than noticed in the Princess Cruises community. While it is not a career at Princess Cruises, Danny hopes this will be a great starting point. 

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