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About Danny

Danny was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1999 and has lived in Southern California his entire life. He is currently seventeen years old and is in his senoir year of high school before beginning college in 2018.

For nearly fifteen years now Danny has been captivated by Princess Cruises. Everything from the onboard experience to the corporate world that made it all happen, Danny has dreamed of one day working at Princess.

Since his early age Danny wanted to be part of Princess. Whether it was writing letters to the captains of ships, drawing cruise ships at any chance he got, or making suggestions to the company, Danny has forever been involved in Princess Cruises.

Throughout his over twenty cruises with Princess, Danny has learned about life, culture and people in its brightest way. Whether it was seeing history up close and personal in Rome, discovering the nature in the tropics in Hawaii, learning about wildlife in Alaska, or enriching himself in the Mexican culture, Princess has made Danny a more worldly person.

Danny took all of this information built-up and began the creation of a small blog as a hobby for friends that wondered what he did on vacations. After his cruise to Alaska in 2015 it was an instant success.

Danny began to write articles about his life with Princess Cruises every week. Writing about family, experiences, and tips for new cruisers with Princess. He officially called it, “I’M A PRINCESS” on August 4, 2015. Everything after that was like living a dream for him.

Today he continues to write every week about Princess Cruises and travels around the world to continue his life on the high seas.