The untold story.

At the age of three, a young boy set sail on his first cruise. Now, 25+ cruises later, he shares his story of a childhood at sea.

In 2003 I took my first cruise to Mexico on Star Princess, and at the age of three years old, I fell in love with cruising and Princess Cruises. If I was not in school, I was definitely on a cruise to somewhere new! My entire childhood was spent with Princess Cruises, and now that I am nineteen years old, I have a real appreciation for all that Princess Cruises had done for me when I was a young child.

The name, I’M A PRINCESS, is a symbol for how deep my love for Princess Cruises is. And as I share my story, that loves goes deeper and further when I look back at some of my greatest memories with the cruise line. While sharing my story with others, I hope many more people share their stories and experiences with Princess Cruises too.

The Stories

Every day onboard brought a new adventure. I have grown up from alphabet soup to filet mignon, learned everything about cruise ships, panned for gold, learned to dance, and so much more. All while I was welcomed into a family of waiters, kids counselors, bartenders, performers, and ship staff.

The Company

As I fell in love with the wonders of the world, I also fell in love for the cruise line that took me there. The more I cruised, the more I studied the Princess Cruises brand and have grown extensive knowledge for the company and its travelers. 

The Reviews

From balcony views to itinerary arrangements, and everything in between, my sixteen years of cruising experience has taught me so much about Princess Cruises, and I hope some of my recommendations can help you learn about Princess too.

The Cruises

Every cruise in my life taught me something new, about myself and my understanding of the world. Even as I cruise today, I look back at all that was when I was a child and all that can be as I continue to grow up.