This Place I Call Home

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It all started with a childhood dream. As I grew up with Princess Cruises I found a passion for the many wonders in the world and decided at an early age I wanted to work for the company. And soon enough, after sixteen years, that childhood dream started to come true.

A Day with Heroes

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On Monday, March 20, I had the very special opportunity to attend and volunteer at the 2017 Global Marketing Summit. Having gone to other company events including Magic To Do and the LA Times Book Festival most recently, I have gotten to know many Princess employees in my lifetime.   Those same Princess employees (or simply, "princesses" [...]

Imagination At Sea

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I have always been a creative person. From the day I started kindergarten and now as a junior in high school I have always enjoyed creative projects that let me take on my own perspective and imagination. That is the same for cruising. From when I was two, to now as I am seventeen I have [...]

Learning At Sea

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Is it possible to learn on vacation? Well, from prior experiences I would definitely say yes. Cruising has brought me to the places that have made history, to the places in the world where there's a story. Whether Boston or Pearl Harbor, learning about it in class has been nothing quite like taking a cruise [...]