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My life, for as long as I can remember, has been fixated on developing a future with Princess Cruises. I have spent many years dreaming about what a professional future could be like with a [...]

2017: A Year to Remember

In 2017 I learned a lot. About myself, about Princess, and about the world. It was a stand-out year for many reasons, directly and indirectly, impacting my everso transforming future. The "Year of Celebrations" heightened [...]

Heading Home

It was Monday, October 30th when I got the text message to pack my bags that we were going on another cruise. Without hesitation, I jumped for joy, no details at all, just that we [...]


It is said that your perception is your reality. That the way you look at things in life, your perspective, is influenced by the events and people around you. From what I have experienced with [...]

Trying to Keep It Together

I have been struggling to write something like this for weeks. Being a rational and unemotional person I look at situations from a forward-thinking and problem solving approach, being a creative thinker I dive into [...]

My Addictions

There is a lot you can do on a cruise ship. A LOT. For the amount of cruises I have been on it has been impossible to do everything while onboard. There is nearly twenty [...]