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“The Finale”

The past fourteen years have had an immense impact on my childhood. Now, at the age of seventeen, it seems my childhood is running out of time. One last cruise remains as the boy who grew up cruising around the world is becoming the man he is today with his mission to spread the impact and influence of travel.

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“A New Adventure”

After thirteen years of cruising, over twenty cruises, dozens of flights, and more I take my first steps on my first international cruise, at age sixteen. The Mediterranean was the obvious choice, combining art + culture and tradition + elegance. It is the perfect place to start I’M A PRINCESS’ international adventures.

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“Home Sweet Home”

Nearly eight years later, “It’s Time to go Home”. Alaska has always been near and dear to our hearts. Going there as a kid has always inspired me about the true beauty of the world and what nature looks like without human interference. This time I’ve grown up and I am more eager than ever to come back to Alaska.

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