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Our Story

It all started in July 2015 as a small blog that was initially planned to highlight a cruise to Alaska to share with Danny’s friends back home. He never expected it to be something as big as it is today, and continues to be bewildered by the blog’s success and bright future.

It wasn’t until August 2015, when Danny got back from his trip, the blog received so much attention by others, that he decided to continue it. Every Friday Danny would write a post about one of his most cherished cruising memories. He called it I’M A PRINCESS, to show how if you cruised with Princess Cruises, you were a princess.

The blog continues today with thousands of readers around the world and a mission on teaching people the empowerment of travel with Princess Cruises. Danny has since created relationships with Princess Cruises employees from around the world as his blog takes on more attention.

Danny still cruises around the world and is proud to call I’M A PRINCESS one of his most cherished successes.