In March 2013, the I’M A PRINCESS program was created, derived from the idea of one thirteen year old boy named Danny Diaz. The program’s announcement followed the successful launch and implementation of MyBacPac, a mobile application that connected students to teachers for better out-of-class communication, sharing homework information, study tips and reminders, and more. While announced in 2013, the I’M A PRINCESS program included many ambitious goals, greater than a thirteen year old boy could take on by himself, leading to a roadmap of learning and creating before the program was officially launched.

It took Danny nearly three years to bring I’M A PRINCESS into the public spotlight. Between the announcement and initial launch an entire infrastructure was being built to better serve the creation of I’M A PRINCESS and more future programs. Danny focused on five key areas for the delivery of the I’M A PRINCESS program: user interface, web design, digital operations, social media, and brand management. All five areas played a crucial role in the development and overall design of I’M A PRINCESS.

When I’M A PRINCESS launched in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico in 2015 it was a major hit with experienced cruisers that followed Princess Cruises with the same level of passion as Danny as well as dozens of Princess Cruises employees in U.S. and U.K. offices. The I’M A PRINCESS program became an early success with nearly 5,000 users a month visiting the website. 

As the program finished a successful launch it set out for a journey of expansion and advancement. I’M A PRINCESS is to this day the longest-standing program created by Danny Diaz and the second most popular, behind the redesign and launch of The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. The program soon expanded to countries like Italy, Brazil, Spain, and Germany, and grew in readership size. Content delivery became crucial as Danny began high school and saw an increase in content quantity as well as content diversity.

While I’M A PRINCESS kept expanding a new program was being created behind-the-scenes, called “Nautical”, which would later be announced as the second-generation I’M A PRINCESS program in mid 2018. The “Nautical” program was created in late 2015 and was centered around the sustainability and improvement of the I’M A PRINCESS program, investing in new technologies and improving on the five key areas that made I’M A PRINCESS come alive. 

Both I’M A PRINCESS and the “Nautical” program co-existed for almost three years as deep investments were being made into the I’M A PRINCESS program, and continued until October 2018 when the “Nautical” program merged with I’M A PRINCESS. Today, the program is known as I’M A PRINCESS, and continues its mission with a bright future ahead. 

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