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Heading Home

It was Monday, October 30th when I got the text message to pack my bags that we were going on another cruise. Without hesitation, I jumped for joy, no details at all, just that we [...]


It is said that your perception is your reality. That the way you look at things in life, your perspective, is influenced by the events and people around you. From what I have experienced with [...]

Trying to Keep It Together

I have been struggling to write something like this for weeks. Being a rational and unemotional person I look at situations from a forward-thinking and problem solving approach, being a creative thinker I dive into [...]

My Addictions

There is a lot you can do on a cruise ship. A LOT. For the amount of cruises I have been on it has been impossible to do everything while onboard. There is nearly twenty [...]


There's an awe in the beauty of travel. The sense of discovery and thrill of exploration have inspired humans for centuries. Today's variety of travel methods have allowed even more people like myself to discover the world. Planes, [...]

The Countdown to EU17

Last July I took the trip of a lifetime to the Mediterranean on Emerald Princess for two weeks. Being a sixteen year old high school student at the time, there were no words to describe how [...]